iTero Scanner

iTero digital imaging technology is a modern, efficient, and comfortable way to receive orthodontic treatment. This advanced imaging technology removes the need for traditional impressions. If you have ever had to have a traditional impression taken in the past, you know that these impressions can be unpleasant and uncomfortable. By using iTero imaging technology we can eliminate the need for this experience and instead print highly accurate models of your mouth. While this technology can make the experience more comfortable for any patient, it is especially good for patients who gag easily. The digital impression system is less invasive than traditional impressions and molds and provides our team with extremely accurate records.

Some of the other benefits of digital imaging include:

  • Digital impressions can be used for creating orthodontic aligners and retainers
  • No messy “goop”
  • The scanner can be quickly taken out of your mouth if you ever feel uncomfortable, and we can easily start and stop the scanning process as needed
  • Digital impressions require much less time than traditional impressions, helping to make your appointment more efficient

While there are many digital impression technologies available, Dr. Richards has chosen to use iTero digital impression technology to ensure excellent imaging results. The detailed impressions created by this device help ensure that you receive the most precise, effective, and comfortable care possible.

Dental Monitoring

We use Dental Monitoring technology to track your clear aligner treatments and make sure your smile is progressing as planned. Using this imaging technology, you can take photos of your teeth while you are wearing your aligners to see the progress of your treatment plan. These photos are then sent to our office, where Dr. Richards can monitor the progress of your smile over time.

Benefits of Dental Monitoring technology include:

  • The ability to detect any issues early
  • The ability to compare multiple views, including different views of your teeth over time
  • Treatment tracking to determine the progress of your smile

Give us a call today to learn more about Dental Monitoring in Salt Lake City and Riverton, Utah, and request your appointment! We are excited to help you achieve your perfect smile!

3D Printing

Our state-of-the-art 3D printing technology revolutionizes how we create orthodontic appliances. With the ability to print models, retainers, and even aligners directly in our office, we have unparalleled control over the accuracy and fit of these appliances. This means orthodontic solutions are tailored perfectly to the unique contours of your smile, ensuring more comfortable fittings and more effective treatments.

Gone are the days of long waits for lab-made appliances. 3D printing in our office significantly reduces the time from treatment planning to application, meaning your path to a perfect smile is faster than ever. Quick turnaround times don’t just mean convenience; they also mean that your treatment progresses without unnecessary delays, bringing you closer to your ideal smile with each visit.

Every smile is unique, and our 3D printing capabilities allow us to honor this by providing truly personalized care. From the initial scan of your teeth to the final fitting of your custom appliance, every step is guided by precision technology. This customization extends beyond just the fit; it allows us to tailor every aspect of your treatment to your specific needs and cosmetic goals.

Ormco Digital Bonding Bracket Setup

The Ormco™ Digital Bonding Bracket System revolutionizes the way we approach orthodontic treatments. By combining state-of-the-art software with precision-engineered brackets, this system allows for a level of customization and precision that traditional bracket setups do not have. Here are some of the benefits our patients enjoy with the Ormco system:

  • Personalized Treatment Plans Each patient’s dental structure is unique, and the Ormco system takes this into consideration. Utilizing advanced digital scanning technology, we create a 3D model of your teeth. This model serves as the foundation for a fully customized treatment plan, designed to move your teeth into the perfect alignment in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Enhanced Precision Traditional bracket placement often relies on the orthodontist’s experience and expertise, which, while highly reliable, can introduce slight variations. The Ormco system, however, uses computer-aided design to place each bracket in its optimal position. This precision not only speeds up the treatment process but also enhances comfort and final outcomes.
  • Faster Treatment Times Thanks to the meticulous planning and precision of the Ormco Digital Bonding Bracket System, many of our patients see a reduction in their overall treatment time. By optimizing each movement of your teeth, we reduce the need for adjustments and revisions, getting you to your ideal smile faster.
  • Improved Comfort Orthodontic treatment no longer has to be synonymous with discomfort. The precise bracket placement and efficient tooth movement associated with the Ormco system contributes to a more comfortable experience throughout the duration of your treatment.

At Michael Richards Orthodontics, our dedication to incorporating advanced technologies like the Ormco Digital Bonding Bracket System is a testament to our commitment to providing superior orthodontic care. We believe that by investing in these innovations, we are investing in the smiles and well-being of our valued patients. Experience the difference of tailored, efficient, and comfortable orthodontic treatment with us today.