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RaNae G.
18:19 22 May 24
I had been to the dentist and one of my wires from my permanent retainers popped off and the dentist fixed it. However, it was really tight. I was worried it was going to shift all my front teeth. I stopped at Dr. Richards office he got me right in removed the bonding to release the pressure on my front teeth. He rebounded the wire in the correct position. I was so grateful to have Dr. Richards and his team available to help me when I needed help years after I had my braces off. Thank you all !!
Morgan D.
15:24 20 May 24
I have been coming to Michael Richard’s since first needing orthodontic care and haven’t changed doctors since! My older sister has also had all of her work done here and they have done a phenomenal job!
Laura J.
17:07 10 May 24
Friendly, courteous staff. They informed me of delays. The staff is great with children. Dr. Richards is knowledgeable and not pushy, he was open to letting my daughter choose her treatment.
Kara H.
17:18 22 Apr 24
Dr. Richards and his team are amazing! After my oldest son finished his braces, I was inspired to get braces at 51 years of age. Now my husband and son are in treatment as well. I completely trust Dr. Richards due to his consciousness and professionalism.
Erin B.
23:31 15 Apr 24
I came to Dr Richards to get a second opinion about treatments for my son’s impacted canines. He spent so much time with us—connecting with my son and me, hearing our concerns, and answering our questions in such a calm, patient, helpful way. He is fantastic. His advice was great, and I’m definitely planning to ditch my current ortho to come to Dr Richards for my son and younger child.
02:10 26 Mar 24
They seemed like the best option in the area, and in retrospect they probably were.
Noel L.
15:44 25 Mar 24
They work hard to create a positive experience for kids. Thank you!
Mary B.
03:56 22 Mar 24
My son had an excellent experience with Dr. Richards and his staff. Everyone was friendly and professional. Dr. Richards was attentive, thorough, and answered all of our questions.
Madeleine K.
19:41 20 Mar 24
Amazing experience. My family and i have all gotten braces and retainers at Michael Richards.
Jimmie M.
17:19 06 Mar 24
Great Dentist and Staff - knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and resourceful in helping me solve a dental problem quickly and correctly.
Jacob E.
20:57 05 Mar 24
Dr. Richards is great! He did my braces 15 years ago and my smile has help all these years, and when I had a bonded retainer break recently, they helped me out quickly and effectively. He treated my whole family with similarly effective results. Would highly recommend!!
Sondra B.
17:29 05 Mar 24
This was a fabulous dental experience with Dr.Michael Richards and a dental assistant Kayla. The procedure went well and I was so relaxed because of the huge windows and snowy mountains and fun music distracting me from their treatment. Dr. Richards was very engaging in conversation to get to know me and my concerns and professional as he did more work on my permanent retainer. I would highly recommend this office for its friendliness and easy access from covered parking garage. I was able to get in earlier because they also have a cancellation list that one can be put on. That was a wonderful perk! The front desk receptionist was darling as was the office very cheerful and clean!
Harrison B.
18:08 10 Jan 24
Dr. Richards is hands down the best orthodontist in the SLC area. There are a lot of practices and doctors to choose from around here. People with lower fees people with higher fees people with huge practices people with smaller practices. If you are searching for the best quality of care, the best value, and a doctor that truly cares about getting you the best results in an efficient amount of time, Dr. Richards is your guy. They are not the cheapest, they are not the most expensive… but I do believe they provide the best value and standard of care. You get what you pay for. Whether you are looking for your child or for yourself as an adult, I would encourage anyone to call this office.
Brian G.
23:14 02 Jan 24
Dr. Richards is an excellent orthodontist. He is very good at explaining care and what needs to be done. Everyone should look for a doctor with his talents.
Brooke B.
23:24 19 Dec 23
I love this office. They did an amazing job at helping me to love my smile. I would definitely recommend anyone to come here.
Diane C.
21:38 27 Nov 23
Dr. Richards' attention to detail and commitment to achieving alignment perfection truly shines through in his work. His remarkable ability to notice the smallest details and his precision in orthodontic work truly sets him apart. His keen eye ensures that every aspect of treatment is handled with the utmost care and accuracy. Dr Richards' immaculately clean practice and friendly, helpful demeanor, as well as his amazing staff, make the orthodontic experience not just effective but also comfortable and welcoming. My son just got his braces off and we have had the best experience at Dr Richards Orthodontics. His teeth look incredible and I will only ever trust Dr Richards with my other children who will need orthodontic care in the future.-Emily Leger (somehow my mom's name is showing on the review). 🥰
Camille L.
01:04 22 Nov 23
Dr Richards is patient, meticulous, and seeks perfection in his work
kylee D.
18:05 21 Nov 23
The staff here are so incredible and work so well with clients. They were kind, considerate, and very easy to work with. These are truly great people! I won’t go anywhere else for my orthodontic needs.
Austin W.
15:32 12 Nov 23
I have been a patient 15+ years and whether as a kid getting braces or now as an adult getting my permanent retainer fixed I have always had a great experience!
hanna H.
18:50 06 Nov 23
UPDATE: After I got my braces off my permanent retainer broke and one of my teeth shifted. The staff here were able to get me in very quickly for an appointment. Dr. Richards recommended Invisalign to fix the issue. I just finished my treatment and I’m so happy with how my teeth turned out! The Invisalign process was super fast and all the staff were so helpful during the process. I definitely recommend coming here.
Laura M.
18:04 06 Nov 23
The best of the best!! Highly recommend:)
Jelena P.
14:07 31 Oct 23
Dear Dr. Richards,Every time I see my sons, I see the best looking smile! We're so grateful to you and your team! Truly an incredible staff that cares. Dr. Richards is so personable and an absolute perfectionist! You feel soooooo loved here!Absolutely recommend! Simply they are the BEST!!!
Reilly R.
18:34 26 Oct 23
Entire office runs as smooth as butter, everyone is super kind and happy to help.
David M
15:43 25 Oct 23
Dr. Richards and his staff are expert, remarkably well coordinated, articulate, and sensitive to the needs of their patients!
Daniel M.
15:41 25 Oct 23
Amazing experience with Dr. Richards! He was concise, friendly, and articulate! 10/10!
22:28 24 Oct 23
The staff is so nice and always helpful and they did a great job fixing my smile.
Gracie C.
21:07 18 Oct 23
This orthodontist is awesome! My experience has been great and I love all the staff
Paula M.
12:12 18 Oct 23
Completely positive experience. Dr. Richards and his staff are perfectionists. Your success and comfort are their priority. The facility is immaculate and runs like clockwork. I got aligners, and now my teeth are straight and look great. Highly recommended. 🙂
Truman T.
02:44 14 Oct 23
They have very nice staff and made my teeth perfect!!
Calvin S.
20:18 05 Oct 23
I’ve been going here for 10 years and I’ve never had even one complaint. Great staff and great office energy for patients of all ages. I highly recommend it!
Natalie F.
16:06 02 Oct 23
I love how my teeth look!! They did such an amazing job!! Thank you so much!!!😊
Estefani A.
01:46 26 Sep 23
Dr. Richards and team (especially Judy 😉) are absolutely AMAZING!!! I can’t express my gratitude enough. He has such a keen eye and always respected my vision/opinions, my smile is literally PERFECT thanks to him and his team. I LOVE MY SMILE!!
Brennan L.
22:30 14 Sep 23
Dr. Richards and his staff are phenomenal! I am so impressed by everything they did for me and my teeth. They went above and beyond with their attention to detail, time spent with me, friendliness of the staff, use of new technology, and ease of scheduling. I highly recommend them.
camryn K.
21:35 05 Sep 23
This place has been nothing but great. I got referred here by my previous job, and while being in the dental field myself, this place is professional, and everyone here is very experienced and educated. I would definitely recommend this place.
Lillian N.
19:25 25 Aug 23
The staff and Dr. Richards are great! I felt comfortable and listened to. I had part of my retainer pop off and was able to get an appointment quickly. Everything was explained and fixed!
Michelle S.
17:40 19 Jul 23
I went to the Salt Lake office and the staff was always courteous and helpful. I had braces for 18 months and my teeth looked so much better afterwards; I hadn’t realized how crooked they had gotten. My bite is now perfect and eating is easier.
Kadria M.
18:23 17 Jul 23
He’s an AMAZING orthodontist! Very friendly and welcoming. Staff is very helpful and kind. I would never go anywhere else!
Deborah K.
16:46 17 Jul 23
A shout-out to Michael Richards Orthodontics for expert care and exceptional support from the entire team. I felt well-supported during my entire treatment period (even in those times of non-compliance), was especially grateful for the at-home digital scan options. The entire team are experts in their field, well-versed in the latest technologies that improve orthodontic treatment. More important, they truly care about their patients. Thanks for the encouragement, the fun, and the smiles! I'll miss seeing you.
Grace Z.
19:22 12 Jul 23
Michael Richards is so amazing! All of the Tech’s were so great as well and I felt like I had a special connection with all of them. Missy, Abby, and Tara were truly top notch. I feel so confident about my smile after just getting my braces off and they really work magic! Best in buis for sure.
Caroline W.
00:00 29 Jun 23
I have been a longtime patient and mother of patients of Dr. Richards. He is a very caring, conscientious and competent orthodontist. He helped my husband and I with Invisalign and all four of our kids with braces. We are grateful for the many years we have spent in his care.
Jenny C.
22:33 16 May 23
I am so glad I chose this orthodontist office. It is very easy to schedule appointments and each assistant is very friendly. Dr. Richards was very detailed before getting my braces off. I highly recommend this Orthodontist.
Rob M.
18:23 28 Apr 23
As a 60-year-old patient, I am beyond thrilled with the outstanding results I achieved through Invisalign treatment with Dr. Michael Richards and his exceptional office staff and assistants. The process took one year, and I wish I had done this decades ago. Dr. Richards and his team provided me with exceptional care, expertise, and guidance throughout the entire process. They took the time to thoroughly explain the treatment plan and address any concerns I had, making me feel comfortable and at ease. The office staff and assistants were friendly, helpful, and accommodating, creating a warm and welcoming environment that made every visit a pleasure. I am now enjoying a beautiful, straight smile that has transformed my confidence and self-esteem. I highly recommend Dr. Richards and his team to anyone considering Invisalign or other orthodontic treatment, regardless of age. It's never too late to achieve the smile you've always wanted!
Zach M.
19:42 27 Apr 23
Completely changed my smile! Have been going since I was young and they transformed everything. They were very patient with me and cared so much. Couldn't be better!
Tanner H.
18:22 19 Apr 23
Michael Richards Orthodontics has been so good to me and my family for years! Great communication and excellent personalized service. They make you feel like part of the family!
Suji L.
19:40 13 Apr 23
I highly recommend Dr Richards. The staff is friendly and professional. It is easy to communicate with the office.Dr Richards is wonderful; he takes time to listen to you and tries his best to accomplish the best outcomes. He explains every step of the way. I especially appreciate that since I am also in health care and I know he cares.
ally W.
22:07 29 Mar 23
Great experience! Came in after being a patient 10 years ago and they fixed my retainer and were so nice and helpful.
George W.
15:50 22 Mar 23
Top notch practice! I was especially impressed by how thoroughly they explained my options to me. They didn’t try to sell me on anything.
James G.
21:42 21 Feb 23
In my totally unbiased opinion, Michael Richards orthodontics is awesome. The people here are great, and Michael Richards is a fantastic orthodontist. I have always been afraid of braces, and even though one of my teeth was almost at a 90 degree angle compared to the ones next to it, I was completely uninterested in braces. The tooth was totally straightened within a few months, and my braces haven’t hurt much at all.Great experience so far!!
Demetrius R.
16:53 03 Feb 23
Definitely the best that I've ever come across amazing at what hes able to do. staff is so amazing very kind. Top tier And I've had the privilege to get work done when I was a young teen and very fortunate to be able to get adjustments with him in my adult years !
Michael H.
21:16 01 Feb 23
I am a dentist in Salt Lake City, and I have been referring patients to Dr. Richards for nearly 20 years. I have great respect for Dr. Richards' clinical skills and for the way that he and his staff treat my patients. My patients always return from Dr. Richards' office very happy with the care they've received.I've been so pleased with Dr. Richards' care of my patients that when my own children needed orthodontic treatment, I sent them to Dr. Richards. He and his staff treated my three kids great, and my kids now have confidence when they smile.
Cheryl E.
20:49 01 Feb 23
The moment you step into Dr. Richard's office, you are greeted with a warm welcome & a smile! Riley is tops when it comes to remembering who you are<3 I love the laid back vibe of the staff. Add their knowledge & expertise --- it's a total win! Dr. Richards is gentle & mindful. I never felt rushed & felt that I could share my concerns easily. He always gave me an explanation or an action that put my mind at ease. They are kind humans who care --- a lot! This is how a dental office should operate <3
Miranda G.
16:45 13 Jan 23
They all did a great job helping me get my smile back with aligners. They remembered my name, and we're all very professional. I do feel that they could work on being more understanding and accommodating of sensory issues when discussing plans for retainers after aligners, I chose aligners specifically to accommodate the level of sensory intrusion I experience and felt pressured to chose a permanent retainer instead of removable one that better suits my needs.
Ayden W.
15:56 16 Dec 22
Out of any Dr. I’ve been to, dentists & specialists included, they have to be my favorite. Not only was I here for about 2 years while I had my braces on. But I’ve been back a few times since having my braces off too. Everyone on staff is really friendly and helpful, including Dr. Richards he’s great too. If you’re looking to get braces and are reading this review, I suggest to give them a call. You won’t regret it!All in all, very glad I got my braces with them.
22:42 12 Dec 22
Dr. Richards helped me navigate a double jaw surgery 10 years ago. For such a massive surgery I was amazed how I only had to have braces for 1 year total. He worked seamlessly with the surgeon to make sure everything would align post surgery. I have had no issues at all since, and would recommend this office to anyone and everyone. 5 stars for not only Dr. Richards, but his amazing staff as well. They are very friendly and knowledgeable from beginning to end.
Seasen R.
04:51 30 Nov 22
Dr Richards and his team are amazing. My teeth look amazing, they did such a great job.I will miss seeing everyone in the office. Thanks for making my smile perfect!
Kim H.
18:34 23 Nov 22
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Michael Richards and his amazing staff. They are my first phone call when I have issues ranging from TMJ, bite, and teeth straightening. They have taken care of my smile for nearly 20 years. The “go to”.
Thulan N.
23:33 22 Nov 22
It is great for my daughter thanks.
Eva A.
19:01 01 Nov 22
I love my smile and I love the team at dr Richards your always created with a smile and they treat you with the up most care and make sure your comfortable. I got my braces of a few days ago And I absolutely LOVE the results!!
Josie B.
21:53 28 Oct 22
Dr. Richards and his staff are so great. I started going here when I was 7 years old and I always looked forward to visits because the staff was so kind. Recently I had an issue with my retainer and they got me scheduled for an appointment within the next few days. I’m now 23 and Dr. Richards still remembered me and treated me with the same kindness.My teeth have come a long way since I was 7, and that is thanks to Dr. Richards and his amazing team for being efficient and knowledgeable. Thank you!!
Amanda H.
15:07 21 Oct 22
Dr. Richards and his staff are so amazing. They are all so great at making their patients feel special... by the end of my treatment, his assistants became my friends. Dr. Richards is very precise and made sure that my teeth were exactly how I wanted them. I am so happy with the results and my new smile. He made my experience as an adult getting braces a great one. I will definitely use him for my kids braces down the road.
Kate P.
22:20 16 Oct 22
Best ortho ever! Micheal Richards Orhtodonticts was the best because they always made time for me and worked around my busy schedule, they have the nicest nurses, and I loved the finish product!!
Alyssa T.
00:18 03 Oct 22
I highly recommend Michael Richards!! I had braces in junior high and I had a great experience! My visits were always good and everybody was very friendly. I recently had to visit again to get a new retainer and their service is still just as great!! It was cool looking at the old pictures of my teeth compared to now! They have improved so much thanks to Michael Richards Orthodontist!!
Lydia F
16:18 23 Sep 22
Such a wonderful team at Michael Richards Orthodontics! I was always kept in the loop on every aspect of the treatment. I had to get jaw surgery that I went into well prepared thanks to the team here. After I had surgery they were so considerate at my appointments to be careful while making adjustments and give me any needed breaks.Dr. Richards is wonderful and extremely skilled. You can be sure that your orthodontic treatment is in great hands.The staff is amazing! They work together well and make it a positive environment.Overall, it was a great experience and I am happy with my results!
Spencer S.
05:18 05 Sep 22
I just got my treatment done and happy with results. Good job guys!
Akachukwu A.
17:10 02 Sep 22
Absolutely love this office and had a great time here. Staff is great and veryyy patient especially with my interesting brackets. Glad I transferred my treatment here.
Shelly K.
02:26 23 Jul 22
Wow! Dr. Michael Richards and his staff are amazing. I have three kids in their care with all different needs and they worked their magic on each of them. Dr. Richards cares about each patient and takes the time to understand and get to know them. We are grateful we found him and his team. Thank you!
Evelyn W.
22:28 22 Jul 22
I love my teeth!
Connor W.
18:20 21 Jul 22
Very professional and friendly staff all around! Just got a permanent retainer fixed after 6 years of not being to the orthodontist! Thanks for always taking great care of me and my teeth. Would recommend
Kiba L.
04:19 03 Jul 22
I've had plenty of bad experiences with dentists, one including a doc not changing his gloves after working on a patient with cavities and putting his smelly hands straight into my mouth... anyways, so I was nervous about trusting the wrong doctor, especially for an orthodontic treatment. I've been a patient of Dr. Richards for about a year now and I'm beyond satisfied with him. He knows his craft and cares about what he does. He truly is the best orthodondist you can find in northern Utah. I'm glad I did my research and found his clinic.
Taira E.
20:45 23 Jun 22
We love Dr. Richards and staff! My husband and I both got braces in late 2020 and we both recently got them off. I’ve known my husband since we were little kids and in the 20+ years I’ve known him, I’ve seen him smile with his teeth maybe 10 times. Just this last week since he’s gotten his braces off, I’ve seen him smiling constantly! He is beaming! We both have so much more confidence. We are very pleased with the entire staff. We are only sad we won’t see them often anymore.
isabella B.
20:41 23 Jun 22
It’s amazing. I’ve seen so many differences from when I first started 4 years ago, to now and we haven’t done much. I started with an expander and that got my teeth so much straighter just from that. I’m starting my Invisalign retainers right now, and I already see a difference. Best ortho I’ve been too!!
Paige K.
23:23 22 Jun 22
I’m really glad I got braces at Michael Richards Orthodontist, my teeth are perfect.
Melissa M.
18:08 16 Jun 22
This was our second experience with Dr. Richards and his team. Both times have been great! The whole team is friendly, experienced and we trusted our kids' care to them fully. Thank you!
Kerry Y.
20:38 08 Jun 22
Michael Richards is a great orthodontist! The techs and staff are very friendly.
Heidi F.
23:41 26 May 22
Dr. Richards and his team are the BEST! I highly recommend them. I’m an adult who got braces during the pandemic because I figured I’m wearing a mask all the time anyway. They are a very competent and caring team.
Eric R.
05:11 23 May 22
I am so grateful for Doctor Richards and his entire staff! They were professional, patient, and confident when helping me fix my jaw. I’d recommend them to anyone!
Hank K.
01:14 15 May 22
Dr. Michael Richards is a perfectionist and I was blessed by his commitment to obtain the best results. He is also very professional and by example set the standards for the wonderful staff every one of whom was friendly, courteous, and skilled. I am very grateful to them all for changing my smile.
sha B.
00:08 16 Apr 22
They were always friendly, answered every question completely. Most of all they just didn't send me out the door after everything was finished. They made sure I would feel comfortable coming back for rechecks.
Tess S.
23:34 03 Apr 22
Adult braces are not ideal. Dr Richards and his team made it worth it.
Sheri O.
20:49 29 Mar 22
Michael Richards Orthodontics is the best. Not only do I love the finished product, I love the staff. They are organized, on time, friendly and helpful. Thank you Dr. Richards and team!
Travis G.
18:40 22 Mar 22
I have 4 kids that have had braces and Dr. Richards is by far the best orthodontist I have ever been to. I took my youngest son to Dr. Richards after his other orthodontist finished his treatment and said he would always have crooked teeth. Dr. Richards told us he could fix his teeth and he did. He did Invisalign and we are super happy with the results.
Sara H.
20:00 20 Mar 22
Dr. Richards and his staff are AMAZING!! He is very detailed in his work and listened to all my concerns. I would highly recommend him to anyone. My teeth look so good and I feel like I smile all the time now. Loved my experience with Dr. Richards and his staff. Don’t go to anyone else!! He is a teeth miracle worker.
Peggy H.
15:24 17 Mar 22
I'm thrilled with the results I got from going to Dr. Richards's office. I appreciated his perfectionism and honesty from the very beginning. He was interested in me as an individual and concerned with my special needs. I also appreciated the technicians that helped me each visit with my progression. All the staff is very upbeat and happy. You can tell that they like working with each other. Dr. Richards is wonderful and easy to talk to. I'm very glad I decided to get braces and go to Dr. Richards.
Carrie C.
21:54 02 Mar 22
Michael Richards Orthodontics was amazing! They always made me feel welcomed and appreciated. They always went above and beyond with my experience and I love my smile. - Luke Christensen
Ezzy P.
00:55 02 Mar 22
Are you worth it? Absolutely!! I am 70 years old and finally decided I am worth beautiful straight teeth and so are you!!. Dr Richards and staff are exceptionally professional showing me the utmost respect and care. My teeth look fabulous.
Brittany D.
17:24 16 Feb 22
I highly recommend Michael Richards! This was my orthodontist when I was a teenager and my visits were always easy and every was friendly. I recently had to visit again to get my permanent retainer put back in and their service is still just as great!
Merrilee B.
17:54 15 Feb 22
I've had an outstanding experience with the team at Michael Richards Orthodontics. I'm an (older) adult and needed to have my bite realigned after using a number of OTC dental appliances for sleep apnea that caused misalignment. Dr. Richards designed a great plan and put me in aligners, and in just 8 months, I am free and can eat normally again. Plus--my teeth are as straight as any kid's just out of braces, and I'm so happy with my new smile. This is a well-run practice with friendly staff, and they are efficient and timely getting you in and out. Dr. Richards is so kind, gentle and compassionate. I'll be bringing my grandson in soon. Thank you for taking such good care of me.
mia G.
04:59 04 Feb 22
They did a fantastic job and I'm so happy with my teeth. The staff was always so friendly and every appointment was a good one! I Highly recommend!
Amy P.
23:41 20 Jan 22
Great staff! They are professional and efficient!
Hannah B.
19:58 12 Jan 22
I adored how communicative and efficient Michael Richards and his staff are! I have trash dental anxiety and they were extremely empathic and patient with me. I got my invisaline done in house with a 100% happiness clause in less than a year for about 1500. Super grateful for their knowledge and friendly service!
Danielle G.
18:45 10 Jan 22
I had an excellent experience with Michael Richards Orthodontists. They were very knowledgeable and always kept me updated on my options and the process. I love my results. My teeth look better than I had expected and it was a pretty easy process.
Riley R.
01:47 22 Dec 21
I went back to Michael Richards Orthodontics after about 10 years since I got my braces off not knowing that the permanent retainer came unglued, who knows how long. After Dr. Richards looked at what had happened we came to the conclusion that having braces again was the best option. I had the new braces for about 6 months and with the help from Dr. Richards and his team got my smile back to where it was before. He's amazing at his work and very understanding.. even when I was being difficult. I've been a patient since I was about 8 years old and will always go back when I need to or take my children in for braces when the time comes. Thank you for all your hard work and patience!
Miquel M.
18:55 17 Dec 21
At 37 years old, I am now able to smile with confidence. All of my expectations were exceeded and I'm so incredibly happy with my results. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Richards and his staff. Dr Richards listened to every concern I had, and there were many, as I am very picky. I love all of the girls in his office and really looked forward to seeing them every visit. I had issues with getting brackets to stay on my crowns and every time I called I was met with such kindness and was fit in to their busy schedule. My son will be in braces soon and I cannot wait to be back in this office.
Luke R.
18:14 23 Nov 21
Awesome staff and Dr. Richards couldn’t be nicer!!! Would definitely recommend!!!
Hayley W.
23:09 08 Nov 21
Just finished my orthodontic care and am extremely pleased with the turnout. The staff and Dr. Richards were friendly, capable, quick, and always helpful. I would highly recommend their office to anyone!
Mattheo T.
23:40 03 Nov 21
This place was great everyone was super nice and in the end my teeth turned out amazing.
Shannon W.
17:35 03 Nov 21
Dr. Richards and his team are very friendly and easy to work with. He cares about his patients. I highly recommend him!
Virginia H.
01:28 02 Nov 21
Dr. Richards and his whole team are outstanding in their expertise, both technically and in patient care. As an adult patient I presented with some problematic issues and I was so pleased with how carefully they solved my problems. I highly recommend them!
Alyssa G.
21:42 21 Oct 21
Can not say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Richards and his staff. He was my ortho when I got braces when I was 13. I am now 31 and still just as pleased as the day I got my braces off with how good my teeth look. Recently my permanent retainer broke so I went back to Dr. Richards to get it fixed. Not only did he fix it, but he took the time to address a slight gap that had developed (due to the perm. retainer breaking) between my two front teeth. He was able to fix that as well and I could not be more happy. His staff is extremely friendly and I enjoyed my whole overall experience. I not only would recommend him to others, but would only consider him for any other orthodontic needs in my future!
Lauren C.
00:06 12 Oct 21
I loved my experience with Michael Richards Orthodontics! From my first visit, I felt like Dr. Richards and his staff really listened to me and involved me in the treatment process to make sure I got the results I wanted. Dr. Richards is super friendly and great at what he does. I also love his assistants — they feel like friends at this point!I did traditional braces with ceramic brackets on top and metal brackets on the bottom. I like how inconspicuous the ceramic brackets were. Also, both the Riverton and Salt Lake offices are great, clean facilities.I'm super happy with my smile, which I've been self-conscious about for years! I'd definitely recommend Michael Richards Orthodontics.
Sadie S.
16:13 05 Oct 21
My long orthodontia journey was awesome thanks to Dr. Richards and the amazing staff! Everything from expanders, bands, tooth surgery, and Invisalign were made a lot easier thanks to all their help! I’m very excited about my finished teeth result! Thank you! :))
Stacy E
20:28 02 Oct 21
I had a great experience with Michael Richards Orthodontics. I went to them for Invisalign for myself after thinking about doing it for years. I am thrilled with the results, and should have done it sooner. They are caring, thorough, professional and do a great job. Thank you Dr. Richards!
Katie N.
21:11 23 Sep 21
This office and team are all wonderful! My child’s case was a tricky one and Dr. Richards handled it all to perfection. He was careful, thoughtful, and honest with the treatment every step of the way. My child’s smile is amazing and we are thrilled!
Beth C.
03:07 15 Sep 21
Dr. Richards is one of the most compassionate and skilled professionals I've met and he did a super job with my two sons' orthodontic treatments (which were both unbelievably complex). When appropriate, he gave us choices in treatments, and always clearly explained options to us. His office is comfortable and well run, and his staff is friendly and professional. I've sent so many of our friends to him already and will continue to do so. He's the best.
Grant A.
23:13 24 Aug 21
Very kind staff, and a doctor that actually asks you questions on how you want your teeth to look and asks your opinion plus offers options on treatment rather than just pulling the “orthodontist card” and saying he knows what’s best. I’ve had a few orthodontists because I have moved during treatment and I appreciate the difference that Dr. Richards makes in my care.
Heidi G.
04:31 22 Aug 21
Dr. Michael Richards Orthodontics is amazing!!!! He has done braces for all 6 of my children. He pays close attention to detailed work. We have had various phases of braces with all of them. Some of my children have permanent teeth that are missing. He had a plan and options that made sense, and created fabulous results.His staff are so caring and compassionate. Just this last summer one of my daughters had a pretty intensive office visit. He made sure to personally follow up in the coming week multiple times to make sure she was comfortable.My oldest daughter still to this day said that he gave her the best Christmas present ever. It was just days before the holiday and he decided he wanted to surprise her and take off her braces 2 days before Christmas instead of waiting until January. He is the best.We are almost done with all the kids. Maybe it is time for Dad and Mom to complete round 2 of braces :)I would highly recommend his services. He is competent, precise, kind and in all the work he does he creates beautiful smiles!!
ISak S.
19:33 16 Aug 21
Knowing this place brought the beautiful smile I have right now I just want to thank everyone of them for being there and being the sweetest on every time I visit they make me feel like I’m safe and comfortable on what there are doing! Thank you soo much for the beautiful smile I have now best journey ever!!
Amelia Rose M.
15:39 11 Aug 21
I’ve been with Dr. Richards for over 20 years, and my teeth always get compliments, and the work they did for me was lasting! So grateful for them and their willingness to fix and retainer or answer any question I have!
Naora L.
19:45 01 Aug 21
Very nice people and helped me so much! I can’t thank them enough!
Owen P.
02:45 27 Jul 21
I had a great experience with Dr. Richards and all his staff! They always made my visits as comfortable as they could and they payed a lot of attention to detail. My teeth were pretty crazy when I started, but they made great decisions and were able to make my teeth great by the end! Thankyou!!
Haven De La C.
16:36 26 Jul 21
I recently got my braces off and I love my smile! Not only did my smile turn out good but it took a little over a year to do which is extremely fast! The staff is always so caring and kind! Me and my sisters have always enjoyed Michael Richards work!
Sir S.
17:25 05 Jul 21
Michael Richards and team are fantastic and do fantastic work! I was interested in aligners due to a couple canine teeth rotating a bit over the years, and a bite that wasn’t right anymore. I felt confident they knew exactly what to do, so I proceeded. Good communication during checkups along the way and months later I have a perfect smile again, with a bite that aligns perfectly. Picked up whitening bleach on the way out, too, so now my smile can shine. I’m grateful & appreciative of Dr. Richards and team. I’ll happily recommend everyone I know. 🙂
01:51 27 Jun 21
Dr Richards was so accommodating to my son’s fears and anxieties about having braces. He did everything in his power to make it a positive experience and allowed my son to make decisions when possible. It ended up being a great experience and his teeth look amazing. Now my son has confidence that he can do things that he thought were difficult. I’d recommend Dr Richard’s to anyone who has a child who is anxious about braces.
Courtney H.
22:02 22 Jun 21
They have been so great to work with. Got us right in to fix an issue that came up. Super friendly staff.
Fangs 5.
16:13 14 Jun 21
Dr. Richards and his staff are the best at what they do but more importantly, they truly care and treat their patients with the utmost respect and courtesy.
Lisa B.
19:17 11 Jun 21
Even 3 years after having my braces removed, it's as if I was last there a month ago. Dr. Richards recalls my care, details about family and friends. During my treatment he was very sensitive to my concerns as an adult professional and did his best to make me comfortable. I will always be so grateful for his sensitivity to those concerns. My daughter was also a patient and he is as caring towards her. I definitely recommend Dr. Richards for patients of all ages. The clinic flow is efficient, easy access to the office in Sugar House, and the staff is friendly. You'll be in very competent hands under his care.
Brittany R.
20:02 08 Jun 21
I LOVED my experience with Dr. Richards and all of his staff! My biggest insecurity has always been my teeth. Dr. Richards completely restored my confidence! My teeth look so good and I love my smile now! He always took the time to listen to my concerns and made sure I was happy with the results. Every single person in his office have been so kind and knowledgable. I will be taking my son here when he is ready for braces!
Brett D.
21:50 02 Jun 21
Came in for a consult. Very high tech equipment. Dr Mike advised me against Ortho work. I appreciated his expertise and honesty.
Bethany D.
17:37 01 Jun 21
I have been seeing Dr. Michael Richards for over 13 years! I first got my braces on and off with him as a teen and after moving around the country after that and seeing other orthodontists I was always disappointed. When I moved back to Utah I went back to Dr. Richards and he has helped my smile stay perfect for years and years! I always love seeing him and his awesome team because they are careful, thorough and gentle in their craft. Can't say enough great things about Dr. Richards!!!
Rhonda T.
23:34 15 Apr 21
I went to Dr. Richards for braces 20 years ago, and my teeth are still straight and looking beautiful! I’m so glad I made the decision to get braces, it really helped with my self esteem at the time. I recently had to visit Dr. Richards in the Riverton office again to get new retainer trays, and the office staff were still very helpful and friendly.
Emily P.
17:50 25 Mar 21
Everyone there was very nice and made sure I was doing okay during the whole process with braces. Just got my braces off the other day and couldn't be happier
Suzette B.
23:40 10 Mar 21
After a two and a half year journey, our daughter got her braces off today! Her smile is amazing! This journey required a tremendous amount of gentle patience and sincere care from Michael Richards and his staff. We appreciate their attention to every detail. Andrea was especially attentive to our daughter’s needs today, as well as the many others on the staff that have helped her. These are true professionals that you can trust with your care
Libbie D.
18:22 09 Mar 21
After five years of experience with Dr. Richards, I can tell you he is not just the most skilled, thorough, and professional orthodontist in the world--he also has the absolute best staff. Three of my kids have had orthodontic treatment with Michael Richards Orthodontics and we will definitely stay with him for the last two. He and his staff are wonderful, kind human beings who have gone the extra mile so many times to help my kids enjoy their orthodontic experience. They take the time to know and love every patient. My kids look forward to their visits and consider Dr. Richards and his staff trusted friends. They have been amazing at working with my special needs child to help him feel comfortable and in control. Braces has been a positive growing experience for each of my kids, helping them embrace responsibility for their own health. I have seen such personal growth in my oldest son, who just completed his treatment, and I know that the loving, positive relationships that Dr. Richards' office prioritizes have been a key factor in making orthodontia such a positive, empowering experience for him. I highly, highly recommend Michael Richards Orthodontics!
Shawna W.
19:39 05 Jan 21
Dr Richards and his staff are so friendly! We have two kids, and my husband in braces now. They were great at getting a plan; the kids started with expanders, and everything has stayed on track. It has been convenient on apts having the kids at the same time, so he can take them all. I can’t wait to see their nice smiles when they get them off soon!
Lucy B.
07:23 05 Jan 21
Got my braces done here a couple years ago. Within 18 months, I got them off and they’re still looking great to this day! Couldn’t have asked for a better orthodontist.
Kimberly C.
21:25 29 Nov 20
I had a great experience here! Everything was done quickly and efficiently, and I have no complaints. They were happy to reschedule anytime I needed, and willing to fix all the things I broke. The whole team is amazing, and I love them! I would definitely recommend going here!
Mindie J.
02:42 28 Oct 20
This is my 3rd round of braces. Going into “adult braces” I did my research on what orthodontist would be best. Michael Richards had the best staff and the best plan for what I needed. He definitely takes his time to make sure you are completely happy with your treatment plan and your end results. My smile is so much more perfect than I even imagined it would have been! If you ever ask me who you should go to I will always say Michael Richards! Best experience ever! Thank you for my beautiful smile!
Denise S.
21:48 21 Sep 20
I can't say THANK YOU enough, I got my braces off today and my teeth look fabulous!!! I am so excited to show off my new smile...😁 thank you to Terah for always taking such good care of me at my appointments!💜Would highly recommend!!! Everyone is amazing!
josh K.
00:02 25 Aug 20
Just got my final set of braces off after 2 years. I've been with Micheal Richards for almost 8 years now with expanders, braces, and everything in between. Every time, I am given professional care by a group of staff that treats you extremely kindly. I would highly recommend this place, thank you guys so much!
Kaylee P.
20:39 20 Aug 20
Just got my braces off after almost 3 years of having them on.. I loved the environment. The staff was super friendly. I was nervous about being an “adult with braces”, but they treated me like an adult and reassured me every step of the way! This place really cares about their clients! (:
Angie Y.
00:01 28 Jul 20
Just finished my fourth child's braces with Dr. Richardson. An end of an era! Dr. Richardson runs a top notch, professional practice devoted to customer service and providing excellent care. He is always willing to go the extra step to ensure his patients receive the best care possible. He is a great listener, and has always taken the time to answer my many questions and to make my children feel comfortable. Can't recommend this practice enough!
Katherine G.
18:39 26 Jun 20
The end result was amazing and they always made sure that I was comfortable! They asked my opinions and got me in quickly when anything broke.
Emilio B.
00:12 21 Jun 20
I have recently finished my Invisalign treatment and I absolutely loved it, this place is truly magnificent. All of the employees are so kind and I grew to have a relationship with all of them! I highly recommend this place to anyone needing an orthodontist!
Lisa O.
16:38 03 Feb 20
Child number 2 finished with braces and we could not be happier! My husband had Invisalign last year and we were so pleased! Dr Richards has been awesome with our orthodontic care! From calling the day of putting them on to checking in when we have had any problem! He has been excellent to work with! Awesome patient appreciation parties too! Thanks to him and all his awesome staff! 💜
Aaron D.
18:14 16 Jan 20
Great service with a smile. Dr Richards and his staff are professional and friendly. Would recommend them to anyone who needs braces. Has done everyone in the whole family from the wife to all 4 kids. Does great work!!
Aditya M.
05:04 07 Jan 20
The staff are kind and nice. The overall experience is great
Douglas T.
21:36 30 Oct 19
I loved how personal each visit went with everyone on the staff remembering everyone to create a unique experience for each and every guest. My teeth had a lot of flaws when i first went in for my consultation but through Doctor Richards and all of his assistants hard careful work they completely turned around and I have so much more confidence in myself just from the work they did to correct my smile! its amazing what these people do!
Mike H.
15:37 30 Oct 19
The staff in this office are so friendly. My son had a wonderful experience here. They care and do great work. I would definitely recommend.
Blake L.
02:40 16 Oct 19
Nice and gentle staff, and an excellent end result! Would highly recommend this place.
Andrea L.
00:56 08 Oct 19
I got my braces on last week at Dr. Richards and had such a great experience! All the asst’s were great but the asst that worked on me was Breea and she was awesome! Very quick and efficient! I look forward to my new smile!!! Thanks for being a great office!!
Hailey V.
21:36 02 Oct 19
Orthodontists are organized and very nice.
Mark D.
18:00 20 Aug 19
My granddaughter was taken to Dr. Richards Orthodontics for her braces and she loved his work and patience, and her teeth turned out beautifully! She appreciated all the assistants that worked on her teeth too. This office is the perfect place for the whole family. The skills of the whole staff are so good. Jeanie is great with her professionalism and skills, that's for sure.
Jen A.
17:48 20 Aug 19
Dr. Richards and his staff make an incredible office! They are so friendly and make you feel comfortable from the beginning of your consultation up to the end of your treatment with braces. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs their services!
Colleen P.
17:33 20 Aug 19
Im so impressed with the great work and fun atmosphere at Dr Richards. The staff is very professional yet personable and fun! My grandkids have been going there for a few years and their smiles are looking so beautiful!
Joe P.
17:20 20 Aug 19
I am so very impressed with the Doctor Richards work! Beautiful smiles! What an art!
Fábio P.
17:03 20 Aug 19
My kids have been going here for a while. Treatment is well thought out for each individual. The Dr is very attentive to details and loves his patients. The whole team is very friendly and knowledgeable. They make you feel like family.
16:52 20 Aug 19
Even though I don't really enjoy being in braces, I really enjoy having to go through it with Dr Richards. He is very knowledgeable and kind. He makes my treatment easy and fun. I like the whole office and team.
Alissa S.
20:44 19 Aug 19
I’ve worked the front office of Michael Richards Orthodontics for the last 3 months and have never felt more like a part of a work family. This really is my home away from home. Every single team member is kind and genuinely cares about their patient’s well-being and the outcome of their perfect smile. AND EACH OTHER ♥️It’s so fun to see the team engage with their patients and families. They take the time to get to know everyone, and follow up with previous conversations. Each parent gets a personal update from the clinical assistant when they come in with their children. Patients get rewarded for taking care of their smiles and get to redeem their Smile Miles for prizes. We do unique, annual patient appreciation parties. We also love to celebrate milestones for both patients and team members. If you’re looking for an incredible office to build a work family or to improve your smile, you’ve found it.
Thais P.
20:56 18 Aug 19
Michael Richards Orthodontics has an amazing staff. They work hard to make sure you get the best possible out of your treatment and are very kind.
Kathryn C.
20:39 16 Aug 19
The staff in the SLC office is wonderful! They have always made my daughter feel at ease and her teeth are in the process of perfection...Thanks to the Dr. Richard’s team.
Ryan K.
21:21 31 May 19
What a great group! After having to transfer our work from another state our daughters teeth look amazing! We would highly recommend Michael Richards for Orthodontic work.
Heidi B.
00:23 27 May 19
I highly recommend Dr. Michael Richards orthodontics! He is awesome and his staff are great too! I’ve had 4 children finish their orthodontic work with Dr. Richards and my last just started hers. We wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!
Annika T.
04:17 23 May 19
We love Dr. Richards. He is super friendly and easy to work with and I love that he always explains what he is doing and the options. We love how close the office is and they are good to get us in if we have have any issues.
Kristyn B.
21:30 22 May 19
We love Dr. Richards. This was our first time at the Riverton office and the staff is wonderful.
Shelli C.
21:28 22 May 19
Dr. Richards is the best of the best. I have had all four of my kids come to him. Not only is he brilliant, he has an amazing bed side manner as well. He is a perfectionist and always does what is best for the patient. He is the only orthodontist that I would recommend!
Vanessa De L.
03:13 07 May 19
Orthodontist and staff is soo friendly. Love going here as a patient. The doctor really loves his job.
Susan F.
18:23 03 Jan 19
There aren't enough great things I can about Dr. Richards. All three of my kids have been patients of Dr. Richards over the past 10 years. He is innovative, kind and a perfectionist. Isn't that exactly what you want in an orthodontist? My kids smiles are perfect. My daughter has had some unique challenges and he's been able to not only correct those challenges but also has helped in avoiding future surgery. Don't think twice about choosing him as your orthodontist. Thank you Dr. Richards and your amazing staff.
Jonathan W.
17:50 14 Jul 18
I could not ask for treatment from a better team! Dr. Richards is friendly, personable, and extremely knowledgeable in his field. This is my second time in braces. My first orthodontist (not named) did not catch that my jaw was misaligned. The misalignment has cause my jaw to pop and hurt especially when eating. Dr. Richards and his team have helped me though all the hoops and struggles for my personalised treatment. He is trusted by my entire family as he has done treatment for my mom, and some of my younger siblings. I am so glad that our family found him. I can not thank them enough!
Ben W.
18:08 19 Dec 17
Dr Richards does amazing work. Not only on my teeth but my whole family. He is not only professional but personal and friendly. The staff is excellent and perform consistent work. My famIly has greatly benefited from Michaels magic and I will be bringing my last boy here to get his smile and bite straightened. Thank you so much I love my new smile.Ben Wariner
Becky C.
18:24 11 Dec 17
Dr. Richards is the best! He is personable and professional and has done an excellent job on both of my kids' smiles. If you're looking for an amazing orthodontist, I highly recommend him.
Ephraim M.
20:51 07 Jul 17
I loved being a patient here! All of the staff are nice and they are fun to talk to. Just a good o'l family friendly business. I can't stop smiling, I just love them so much!
Wendee G.
02:06 19 Apr 17
This is our second child to have braces done through Dr Richards office. We have been very pleased with the service and the final results! We highly recommend them and plan to bring our other children in when the time comes .
Sarah L.
13:43 25 Jan 17
I loved my experience at Michael Richards Orthodonticts. Everyone working is always nice,funny ,and makes each experience enjoyable. The work Dr. Richards accomplished on me is beautiful; I could not be happier. Dr. Richards listens to his patients and makes sure everything is perfect.I recommend Michael Richards Orthodontics.
Brenda E.
02:12 13 Jan 17
If you are looking for an awesome orthodontist for yourself and your kids...look no further! Dr Richards is the best!
Tiffany M.
17:36 06 Oct 15
My son really enjoys the fun incentives and contest that they offer here. I like that I always feel well informed about what is happening at each visit! They have a fun playroom that occupies my 3-year-old while we're here. And even a few TVs hooked up to video game consoles for the older kids to play while they wait. We've enjoyed our experience so much we plan to bring the next kiddo in line here for his braces, too!
We have our third child coming here, all are wonderful experiences. Thanks!
Christopher S.
16:51 06 Oct 15
Dr. Richard and his staff are fabulous! The results with our boys have been fantastic.
weijun C.
22:17 16 Sep 15
It's a great place, everybody is friendly.
Rachel D.
18:07 10 Sep 15
I like going to Michael Richards orthodontics because I get Smile Miles and can buy fun treats and toys.